Maximum Exposure!


Join the team as a primary marketing partner, these plans start as low as $500! These plans include many benefits, the first of course is the logo of your business on the car. There are three main tiers, each growing in exposure for your business. If you're interested in marketing with the team, or need more information you can email Jamison at



Tier 3 $500-$1,500


        This is our starting tier, working on your budget you will still get the exposure necessary to promote your company! You will receive a graphic of your choice, along with promotion on all media and through the website. You will also receive 2 official team t-shirts along with 2 tickets to any event on our schedule!



Tier 2 $2,500-$5,000


        The second tier will bring an increased amount of exposure, without having a huge budget but still wanting to maximize your exposure this it the tier for you. This package includes and increase in exposure, you will have a bigger graphic that can see from anywhere on the track. There will also be an increased amount of promotion through media as well as the website.You will receive 4 official team shirts  and 4 tickets to any event on our schedule!



Tier 1 $7,500-$10,000


        The last tier is where the term "Maximum Exposure" comes from, you will have extreme reach in appealing to thousands of fans every week. You will have the biggest graphic for your company taking up the entire hood as well as the rear quarter (behind the back tires). Along with your maximum sized graphic space you the car will have a matching color scheme to your company, Facebook and website exposure will be at maximum along with marketing through interviews and customs t-shirts through the team. Also included are 2 pit passes to any event where you get to an inside look at what goes behind the scenes of these race cars; we're not even done yet! Your company will receive the custom t-shirts for every employee, this is accompanied by a party night at the track will everyone will receive tickets to bring their families and support the team!



There's always room on The Maximum Exposure Tour for new marketing partners. join some of the best sponsors in the world and receive the best treatment of anyone on the market. Together we'll bring Maximum Exposure to you and your company!






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